Joy and Trust

Joy and trust. Two words who reveal themselves, offering a clear definition of love and life. With these two beautiful words I embark on a path, a continued path only now with certainty and confidence.

I wish to live everyday in the center of joy and trust. I wish to focus my energy on nurturing a life where I love and trust myself my children and my husband without conditions are expectations. Where I find joy in my life in every moment. Not just sometimes, on weekends, at the end of the day. I wish to find joy in all the moments, small, passing, on the way to, the in betweens… I wish to spend my days and moments following joy. Wherever it takes me I trust it will be a beautiful place.

I have had huge shifts in the last few years. Clarity now shines so bright I would be blinded if not for my heart being able to find vulnerability again. Perspective now offers me a life filled with self-love and respect, I strive to nurture nothing less for my children and our shared life together.

I ease into gentleness. I invite joy in the moments. I trust love will catch me softly when I make mistakes though I will keep on trying.

This blog has been created to serve this life of joy and trust. I’d like to share it with you. I will share thoughts, blog posts, anything that brings inspiration and beauty to my world and hopefully to yours.

Follow the joy. xoxo


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