Joy and trust. Two words who reveal themselves, offering a clear definition of love and life. With these two beautiful words I embark on a path, a continued path only now with certainty and confidence.

I wish to live everyday in the center of joy and trust. I wish to focus my energy on nurturing a life where I love and trust myself my children and my husband without conditions are expectations. Where I find joy in my life in every moment. Not just sometimes, on weekends, at the end of the day. I wish to find joy in all the moments, small, passing, on the way to, the in betweens… I wish to spend my days and moments following joy. Wherever it takes me I trust it will be a beautiful place.

I have had huge shifts in the last few years. Clarity now shines so bright I would be blinded if not for my heart being able to find vulnerability again. Perspective now offers me a life filled with self-love and respect, I strive to nurture nothing less for my children and our shared life together.

I ease into gentleness. I invite joy in the moments. I trust love will catch me softly when I make mistakes though I will keep on trying.

This blog has been created to serve this life of joy and trust. I’d like to share it with you. I will share thoughts, blog posts, anything that brings inspiration and beauty to my world and hopefully to yours.

Follow the joy. xoxo

2 thoughts on “JOY AND TRUST

    1. Hi Monica,

      Depending on if you’re reading from a phone/iPad or computer there ought to be a button to the right or down below inviting you to sign up for email notifications or FB. I’ll check my end to make sure everything is running ok. Please let me know if you can’t find those buttons.

      Thank you so much for being here and wanting to be a part of Follow the Joy! ~ Natasha


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